3 Good Tips on Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem

by Sola Legend

In a family, the parent is the first person a child looks up to for guidance and support amongst many other things. This is reason you see a child imitate her mother by gathering stones and some other rubbish to “cook” and make “food” for her dolls. It is why little boys get discarded tyres and/or other rubbish trying to imitate their father driving his car.

As a parent, you are your child’s first god. Whatever principles you lay down for your child will help form a good part of his life and his/her perception of life. Your child will do as you say and do, they will copy your behaviour both what you do intentionally and unintentionally, hate what you hate and like what you like etc until they are old enough to start having their own opinions.

Parenting is a full-time job and comes with heavy responsibilities. The power has been given by the Almighty God to us to determine how the next generation will… and it starts at the very beginning.

I have put together these four tips that will help you in raising a smart, respectful children with a healthy sense of self.

 1. The Right Words: Words could be life or death; whatever you speak into your child’s life will determine if you’re going to have a child with a healthy self-esteem or a damaged soul.

Be careful of what you say to your children even when you are angry. Harsh words like “stupid” “idiot” “dull brain” etc. should be a “no-no”. Nobody likes to be called an idiot or a fool so why use it on your children?

 2. Introduce Your Children To Books: From 0 – 14 years and above, there are books appropriate for each age. Buy books with lots of colourful pictures for your child and read along with them. You will discover that as time goes on, your child’s reading skills has improved and they can spell some words on their own.

 Apart from improving their literacy skills, books will help to build their imagination and help your child develop their minds.

 Of course, it is very important for you to read through the book before allowing your child to read it.

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 3. Spend Quality Time With Them: Your job is very important, I know because if you don’t work, you can’t pay the bills. You may have a job that is so time-demanding you barely have any energy left to spend quality time with your children.

 There is a saying that we always make time out for those we love. Try spending at least a couple of hours on your free day talking with your children or hanging out with them. Have conversations; ask them questions and answer their questions with an open mind. There is nothing more beautiful than a parent who is their child’s best friend.

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