Baby Mama Calls Out Singer Lyta for Not Taking Care of Their Son

by Sola Legend
Baby mama calls out singer Lyta for not taking care of their son

Baby mama, Kemi Ayorinde has called out Nigerian singer, Lyta for not taking care of their son. In her words, the lady claims that Lyta cannot even afford to buy their son 13k worth of balloon on his birthday.

Kemi Ayorinde took to her Insta-Story to share posts hinting that the young singer is not actively taking financial responsibility for the son they had together.

On her story, she said:

“I asked him to provide money for balloons cause as much as I dislike him and his selfish ways, I wanted him to feel involved in his child’s life even in the littlest ways but he’s not ready to do nothing. My father was useless too but not to this level and my son will never be.”

Kemi also used the medium to pass a strong message to any interested future suitor(s), that they should stay clear if they won’t be able to afford to take care of her son.

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