Being Kind to Other People is Not Old Fashion

by Sola Legend

You are calmly sitting in your shop where you sell foodstuff and provisions. A pretty lady in a tank top and jeans casually walks by, earplugs in her ears so she doesn’t hear the horns of the motorcycle coming behind her. Somehow, she jumps out of the way just as the bike man splashes her jeans with mud. She screams and cusses at the bike man who cusses back at her.

You feel sorry for her and so beckon on her to come and get water and rag to clean the mud off her jeans. She comes to your shop and collects the rag and water while still complaining bitterly about the bikeman. You keep telling her “sorry” as she cleans the mud off.

She then hands you back the rag and walks out of your shop without so much as saying, “Thank you.” You stand there looking dumbfounded, surprised at such behaviour.

The truth is we are living in a day and age where people carry a sense of entitlement rather than a sense of gratitude. So many people are unbothered with basic courtesy and dare I say, this stems from a “I don’t owe anybody anything” mentality.

It is why an outsider will walk into a room full of people and without even so much as a “good day to you”, expressly state their business, making others stare in wonder.

Let us not deceive ourselves; polite behaviour is important in our daily interactions as humans. Trash that “nobody owes you anything” mentality. We are humans and were born to socialise. On the surface, we owe every single person we meet basic courtesy.

A simple “good morning”, “please”, “thank you” will not harm you. Learn to use those words.

The irony is that, people who have the I-don’t-care mentality always want to be treated courteously! They want to be able to treat others without any iota of respect and yet want the same people to bow down and bend the knee for them and would only remember their home training if the person they’re addressing is older or someone they stand to get something from.

Listen, whether you are twenty years older than a person or twenty years younger than them, whether you are an employer or an employee, whether you are their equal or superior, every human deserves to be treated with basic respect.

So, repent of this bad behaviour today. Let’s start with singing this song:

“There are five magic words ×2ce

There are five magic words that I know

Please; excuse me; sorry; thank you;

And the last one, pardon me.”

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