El-Rufai speaks on banditry, says informants our biggest threat

El-Rufai speaks on banditry, says informants our biggest threat

Informants, according to Kaduna state Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, are posing a significant obstacle to efforts to rejuvenate Kaduna state of banditry.

On Saturday 15 January, 2022, Governor Nasir El-Rufai addressed this at the Armed Forces Remembrance Day ceremony in Kaduna.

In a raid in Niger, gunmen killed 13 people, along with an officer who was shot dead inside the Imo state Police Station.

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El-Rufai said informants living within communities in the state have been frustrating the fight against banditry.

“The level of insecurity we face in the country, especially here in Kaduna state, is of great concern and I think that the security agencies, especially the military and the police are doing their best but we need every stakeholder in order to contribute; because the biggest problem we have are the informants that live within us.

“I think it is important for religious and community leaders not only to raise their advocacy but to also watch out for people that seem to be spending a lot of money without any clear means of livelihood, they are probably informants of kidnappers; they should be report to the authorities nearest to them.”

He assured that the government will protect such information and take all necessary action.

El-Rufai expressed appreciation to the Armed Forces and the police, who are losing officers and men daily to the war against banditry and assured them of governments support not only in resources but also prayers.

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