Five Top high income skills to learn this year

by Sola Legend

The world is advancing and to keep earning massively, you have to keep up with the tide. The world will soon go fully digital, how do you cope in that situation?

Also, a country like Nigeria does not support having only one stream of income, that’s why we have put together five high-income skills you can learn and include as a side hustle.

Photo credit: Clever Girl Finance

Firstly, copywriting. Copywriting involves writing compelling copies that drive traffic, triggers readers to purchase a product or any other form of marketing. Why should you learn copywriting? Because there is a lot of competition in businesses and you need to compel your readers/visitors to take action. It is one of the most important skills you need for your business.

Secondly, software engineering. Formerly, you would require a degree from a prestigious university to be recognised as a coder but not anymore. Now, you can participate in coding boot camps online and learn this skill. The average Software Engineer makes thousands of dollars yearly.

In addition, affiliate marketing is also a high income skill. Affiliate marketing involves getting paid for marketing someone else’s product. This product could be digital or physical. Usually, the affiliate marketer gets a commission from the sales of the product. It is a very good skill that you can use as a side hustle.

Fourthly, digital marketing. Digital Marketing involves using digital channels like emails, social media, search engines to advertise. It is one high income skill you need this year.

Fifthly, web design. If you don’t want to learn how to code, and you have a background in any type of art,you should consider adding web designing to your portfolio. It is a high income skill that top businesses are always searching for.

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