Photographer threatens lawsuit after a model accused him of “inappropriate touching”

by Sola Legend
Photographer threatens lawsuit after a model accused him of "inappropriate touching"

A Nigerian photographer, @JerrieRotimi has threatened to sue a model who called him out for inappropriately touching her during a photoshoot. He however denied the accusation and gave his own side of the story.

The photographer was accused by a model, @Naraozim of excessive “touchings” and tapping of “current” without permission which the model claimed was “traumatizing”. The two were paid for the photo shoot by a jewellery brand for promotion purposes.

In his defence, he tweeted:

– So I’m seeing a series of allegations from @NaraOzim and I want to refute all claims and state for the record everything that happened at this shoot. I was booked by a client for a jewelry shoot and Nara was the model. At every given point of the shoot

– there were at least 10 people on the set; it was never a closed set at any time. At no point during the shoot, was I alone with her or anyone else alone with her for that matter. At different points of the shoot, I gave direction as to poses and looks for each shot.

– The only interaction we had was when she asked if I could throw in a shoot and I replied saying she would have to pay for the service. I would like her to provide whatever videos and pictures she claims she has showing any inappropriate behaviour from me, within the next hour.

– I have briefed my lawyers about this and I am taking the appropriate steps. I pride myself in being professional and I care too much about my craft to allow my brand or name be tarnished for no good reason.

Read the model’s accusation below

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Watch her video evidence below

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