She’s a Part-time Student, But a Full-time Housewife On Campus

by Sola Legend
She's a Part-time Student, But a Full-time Housewife On Campus

Let’s talk about girls who go to higher institution only to become full-time housewives, shall we?

If you have attended or you are presently attending a higher institution in Nigeria, chances are that you know what I am about to write on.

As a matter of fact, you might even be on this table that I am about to shake. My advice to you is to have a strong grip like a dog’s louse because, by the time I am done, this table will not only be shaken, it will scatter and whoever is on it will fall yakata!

If you have not attended or did not attend higher institution in Nigeria, ngwanu, pull your seat closer and let me gist you all about it, from the female’s side.

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It usually starts in year 1. Depending on the resumption month of the higher institution, there is something called August Rush. Like I said, it depends on the resumption month of the school so if the new session starts in October, it becomes October Rush. If the session resumes in January, it becomes January Rush and so on and so forth.

Anyways, the whole Rush thing refers to the influx of female freshers and the male staylites (year 2 students and above) chasing after them to see which ones can become their new girlfriends. It is usually a mad rush to get a female fresher as your girlfriend because female freshers are seen and referred to as “fresh/young blood” in contrast to the female staylites.

Female freshers who have been counselled by the elders and wise ones prior to their resumption usually reject the advances of the male staylites that come for them. Those who were not counselled or who were counselled but chose to stuff their ears with cotton wool fall easy like prey.

I shall tell you a short story of one such easy prey

I was in year 3 (300 level) at the University and staying off-campus when Hope resumed school as a fresher. She was very young, not yet 20, and had this innocent kind of beauty that made every head give her a second glance. She also had a friendly aura and a loveable spirit that made everyone liked her as soon as they saw her.

According to what she told me, she had paid some of the dues late and so was unable to secure accommodation in the school’s hostel. She had plans to move into our compound with another girl as roommate but something happened that I don’t remember and that was how she came to stay all by herself in the room.

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Hope and I only had long conversations a couple of times and kept the rest at “Hello-hi” “May I borrow some matches from you?” etc.

In the second month that Hope moved into our compound, Dayo, a 300 level student appeared. He came in to squat with Quadri, a final year student of Economics.

Dayo wasn’t handsome nor did he have any distinctive physical feature about him. He was short and his head was too large. But he carried himself with such grace and confidence that made people respect him even before they knew who he truly was.

But you know that talk about face-me-I-face-you compound and see finish?

Well, we saw Dayo finish. Quadri was constantly complaining loudly of Dayo’s dirty habits and his lazy nature. For the life of me, I cannot understand how somebody will be squatting with another person and still have the guts to wait for the owner of the room to come back and fetch water for them to use.

If only Quadri knew that indolence and a filthy environment were the least of things he should have been worried about! Whenever Quadri was away, Dayo would bring in girls to come and spend the night in the room.

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We all observed this in the compound. I saw this, the seven other students in the compound saw this, Hope also saw this yet she opened her two koro koro eyes and her slender arms wide to take Dayo in when Quadri finished up with his project and moved out of the house some three months later.

This thing was like a movie but I assure you, dear reader, that it really happened. Hope turned herself into a full-time housewife in the room that her parents paid the rent for.
She cooked meals for both herself and Dayo with the weekly allowance that her parents sent her.
She became the dry cleaner, washing all of Dayo’s jeans, singlet, boxers, and socks with the soap that her parents gave her money for.
She swept, cleaned, and fetched water for both of them with the buckets that her parents gave her money for.

Because it is impossible for one to serve God and mammon, Hope soon started to skip classes. Before Dayo came to the house, I usually spied her through my window all dressed up and leaving for morning lectures. When Dayo came into the picture, I don’t remember the last time I saw her all dressed up for school in the mornings.

Dayo would eat her food without contributing one kobo, mess up the room and cross his legs while she swept, grumble loudly if she asked him to help her with fetching water and beat her up at will.

She does all the house chores without complaints

We were all students and no one wanted to get involved in a matter that frankly was none of their business. Okay, I remember, someone did. I think it was Erica who went and did the Lord’s business by advising Hope to kick Dayo out of her room.

Ehyah! If only Erica knew that an outsider should never try to come in between a couple. Well, Hope went and reported Erica to Dayo who in turn insulted the living daylight out of Erica.

How did this Hope and Dayo affair end, you might want to know? Well, I do not know because as at the time I graduated and moved out of the compound some two years later, Dayo had an extra year and Hope had a couple of carryovers but they were very much still living together.

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