Tragic Moment an Armed Robber Broke a Bottle on the Head of Shop Owner

by Sola Legend
Tragic Moment an Armed Robber Broke a Bottle on the Head of Shop Owner

A recent video has shown how an armed robber broke a bottle of wine on the bald head of a shop owner.

The man who appears to be in his late 40s was gently seated on a stool inside the shop when the three-man gang of robbers came in.

Seated close to the entrance of the shop, the man simply identified as brother Bola was rather too afraid to move from his seat while other people in the shop at the time immediately took cover.

Two of the gang ransacked the entire shop for what they deemed valuable, however, the third member of the gang who came in last thought brother Bola must be daring them to have remained seated while they robbed. He immediately pointed his gun at the man but changed his mind to look for a bottle instead.

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The armed robber, without thinking twice hammered brother Bola‘s head with the bottle of wine he just found.

It was a really tragic situation but thank goodness, brother Bola was okay…

Watch video below:

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